Film Studies with High Production Values: An Interview with Janet Bergstrom on Making and Teaching Audiovisual Essays

By Matthias Stork and Janet Bergstrom

Appendix: A Comprehensive List of Visual Essay Projects Created in Janet Bergstrom’s UCLA Seminar

Note: Group projects were created in FTV273 (yearly, winter 2004-winter 2009); individual projects were created in FTV 298A (beginning spring 2005), which obtained its own course number as FTV205 (winter 2007-present)

Winter 2004, FTV 273

Emily Carman, Chiara Ferrari, Rebecca Prime – “From William Wyler’s Eternal City to Federico Fellini’s Cinematic City: The Image of Rome during the Miracle Years”

Ali Hoffman, Paul Malcolm, Victoria Meng, Sachiko Mizuno – “The Worlds of Lilith


Winter 2005, FTV 273

Josh Amberg and Ross Melnick – “Echoes of a Duel” [on “Duel in the Sun”]

Colin Gunckel, Sudeep Sharma, Eric Vanstrom  – “This Is the City,” [on Dragnet]

Eric Mack, Candace Moore, Laurel Westrup – “Detours from the Text: Adaptations of James M. Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice


Spring 2005, FTV 298A

Rowena Aquino – “Koreeda’s Persistence of Memory”

Brian Hu – “Pop Music and Wong Kar Wai” [published in MEDIASCAPE, Winter 2011]

Paul Malcolm – “Machine Dreams: The Optical Printer in Classical Hollywood and Beyond”

Loran Marsan – “Oppressions of Life: Intentions of Imitations”

Sachiko Mizuno  – “Navigated by Desires, Searching for the Modern: Tokyo Cinema Culture and City Films from 1924 to 1939”

Thomas Nemeth – “Thinking Back on the Forgotten Drac: Contrasting the Two Versions of 1931’s Dracula”

Rebecca Prime – “Strangers on the Prowl…Hollywood’s Exiles in Europe”

Savitri Young – “It Can’t Be Helped: Narrative Space in the Films of Yasujiro Ozu”

Noah Zweig – “Aki Kaurismaki: Activist and Archivist” 


Winter 2006, FTV 273

Jaimie Baron, Andrey Gordienko, Mirasol Riojas – “Shirley Clarke: Dancer in the Cinema”

Michael Clarke, Felicia Henderson – “Reading Through: Blaxploitation and Female Representation” 


Spring 2006, FTV 298A

Jonathan Cohn – “Let My Zombies Go!: Creating the Zombie within a Colonial Framework”

Jason Gendler – “Johnnie To: Master of the Implicit”

Andy Woods – “Goin’ Down the Road: A Close Look at Nicholas Ray and They Live by Night” 


Winter 2007, FTV 205

Adam Fish – “World of Wonder: An Unauthorized Documentary of a Production Company” [published in MEDIASCAPE, Spring 2008]

Clifford Hilo – “Technology and the Accident: From Modern Times to 24

Drew Morton – “Comics to Film (and Halfway Back Again)”

Jason Skonieczny – “Faces and Crowd in Josef Von Sternberg”

David O’Grady – “The Worlds of Wes Anderson”


Spring 2007, FTV 273

Rowena Aquino, Daniel Steinhart – “The Ethics and Aesthetics of Violence in Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns”

John Bridge, Jason Skonieczny – “Desert of the Real”

Erin Hill, Brian Hu – “HBO’s Cinematized Television” [published in MEDIASCAPE, Fall 2009]

Mary Samuelson, Andy Woods – “William Wyler and World War II”


Spring 2008, FTV 273

Jonathan Cohn, Jason Gendler, Harrison Gish – “A Black Hole in Hollywood History”

Manohla Dargis, Dawn Fratini, Jennifer Moorman – “Caged Heat and the Women-in-Prison Film”


Fall 2008, FTV 205

Chris Carloy – “The Photoplay Studies: Morality, Money and Art Appreciation”

Bryan Hartzheim – “Tsuruko Aoki: Wife, Lover, Transcultural Star”

Arminder Randhawa – “Yaari: Changes in Gender Representations and Interactions in Hindi Cinema in the 1970s”

Ben Sampson – “Layers of Paradox in F for Fake” [published at MEDIASCAPE, Fall 2009]

Samantha Sheppard – “Coding the Mulatta: The Case of Peola, Pinky, and Sarah Jane”

Ben Sher – “Fragments of Truth: Memory, History, and the Making of The Children’s Hour

Mila Zuo – “Chinese Street Angels: A look at the cinematic embodiment of the Chinese Prostitute in 1930s cinema”


Winter 2009, FTV 273

Clifford Hilo, Maya Montañez Smukler, Julia Wright – “White House, Black President” [published at MEDIASCAPE, Fall 2009]

Drew Morton, David O’Grady, Jennifer Porst – “Towards a New Genre of Video Game Play” [published at MEDIASCAPE, Fall 2009]


Winter 2012, FTV 205

Clifford Galiher – “The Three Fates of The Maltese Falcon” [forthcoming at MEDIASCAPE, Fall 2012]

Michael Potterton – “Off-Screen Mise en Scene: Audio-Visual Suspension in The Birds

Alexandra Schroeder – “What Happens When You Sleep? Multiple Layers of Voyeurism in the Paranormal Activity Trilogy” [forthcoming at MEDIASCAPE, Fall 2012]

Matthias Stork – “Transmedia Synergies: Remediating Films and Video Games” [forthcoming at MEDIASCAPE, Fall 2012]



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