Call for Papers

Frames Cinema Journal
Issue 14, Autumn 2018
Making Meaning of the Visual: Space and Identity

With the conception of film came the formation of a new visual language, and a revolutionary way of looking at the world. This different and modern viewpoint granted artists and filmmakers radically new ways of considering and describing the visual, and allowed actors entirely new approaches to engaging with a performative space. Visual space is therefore the rudimentary apparatus and fundamental medium by which film receives its life-force. Its configuration is the means by which this modality gains ideological meaning and expression.

Established governing concepts of film analysis subscribe to the notion that everything observed by the camera and captured within the visual frame is immediately charged with expressive meaning. The reading of the filmic space is thus paramount to understanding the meaning of a text, and the identities contained within it.

The 14th issue of Frames Cinema Journal will explore how visual space informs onscreen identity, a relationship from which many ground-breaking critical theoretical frameworks have developed and taken flight.

We are excited to hear from contributors working on all aspects of film studies, to examine the connection between space and identity from various research perspectives. Thus, the 14th issue of Frames seeks to foster a discussion that is not restricted by genre, time-period, industry, culture, nation, etc.

Topics may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Identity and the natural space
  • Identity and the urban space
  • Identity and the interior space
  • Identity and the exterior space
  • Identity and the digital space
  • Identity and queer space
  • Identity and feminist space
  • Identity and temporal space
  • Identity and transient space
  • Identity and migrant space
  • Identity and impossible space
  • Identity and architectural space
  • Identity and genre space

The Guest Editor for this issue is Dr Elisabetta Girelli (Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, University of St Andrews).

We seek submissions for our features section (5,000-7,000 words), our POV section (1,000-3,000 words), and our book review section (1,000-1,500 words), as well as video essay contributions engaging with the proposed topics. Video submissions should be uploaded to a streaming platform (Vimeo, YouTube, etc. – preferably password protected). The relevant URL, password, abstract, and bio should be provided to the editors.

Proposal abstracts should be no more than 250 words (plus brief bio and indicative bibliography). Please follow the Frames Cinema Journal style guide.

Proposal deadline: 14th September 2018
Decision notification: 21st September 2018

Please submit your proposal to:

 Darae Kim and Andrea Gelardi (editors-in-chief)


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