Film and Moving Image Studies Re-Born Digital?

Issue 1, July 2012 Guest-edited by Catherine Grant

Introducing Frames

Film and Moving Image Studies: Re-Born Digital? Some Participant Observations

Notes on Editors and Contributors

Cut, Paste, Glitch, and Stutter: Remixing Film History

The Malleable Computer: Software and the Study of the Moving Image

The Image as Direct Quotation: Identity, Transformation, and the Case for Fair Use

Labours of Love: In Praise of Fan Websites

Mapping Rohmer – A Video Essay

The Video Essay: The Future of Academic Film and Television Criticism?

In Touch with the Film Object: Cinephilia, the Video Essay, and Chaos Cinema

Sparking Ideas, Making Connections: Digital Film Archives and Collaborative Scholarship

Movie Tagger Alpha: Critical Tagging in Emerging Methods of Media Scholarship

Archive Film Material – A Novel Challenge for Automated Film Analysis

Not in Print: Two Film Scholars on the Internet

Double Lives, Second Chances

In So Many Words

You Get the Picture

Interface 2.0

Moving Pieces

Some Reflections On My Video Essay Venture “Style in The Wire”

Film Studies with High Production Values: An Interview with Janet Bergstrom on Making and Teaching Audiovisual Essays

Teaching the Scholarly Video

Video Essays in the Cinema History Classroom

Bonus Tracks: The Making of Touching the Film Object and Skipping ROPE (Through Hitchcock’s Joins)

Thirteen Notes: A Poetics of Cinematic Randomization

A Universe of New Images

Fair Use and Media Studies in the Digital Age

Click Here To Print This Video Essay: Observations on Open Access and Non-Traditional Format in Digital Cinema and Media Studies Publishing

Open Video Documentary

Video Rising: Remarks on Video, Activism and the Web

Reflections on the Evolution of Cinema=Godard=Cinema

Research Blogging in Film Studies

Blogging and Tweeting in an Age of Austerity

Media Studies Makeover

Analysis of Film Colors in a Digital Humanities Perspective

Film Theories and Living Heterogeneity

Opening the Colonial Film Archive

Snakes and Funerals

MASHING UP Derrida and Film

Screenwriting 2.0 in the Classroom? Teaching the Digital Screenplay

Ask Not What Your Web Can Do For You – Ask What You Can Do For Your Web! Some Speculations about Film Studies in the Age of the Digital Humanities