Previous Issues

The Politics of Colour Media

Issue 17, Summer 2020 Guest-Edited by Dr Kirsty Sinclair Dootson

Making Meaning of the Visual: Space and Identity

Issue 14, December 2018 Guest-edited by Elisabetta Girelli

Film Festivals: Aftermaths and Beyond

Issue 13, May 2018 Guest-edited by Dina Iordanova

Innovation and Iteration: The Potential of Documentary

Issue 12, December 2017 Guest-edited by Noah Tsika

The Future of Horror

Issue 11, May 2017

Rip-Off or Resourceful Creativity?

Issue 10, December 2016

Breaking Labels

Issue 9, April 2016

Going Viral: The Changing Faces of (Inter)Media Culture

Issue 8, December 2015 Guest-edited by William Brown

MondoPop: Rethinking Genre Beyond Hollywood

Issue 6, December 2014 Guest-edited by Elena Caoduro and Beth Carroll

Framing Animation

Issue 5, November 2014 Guest-edited by Bella Honess Roe

Promotional Materials

Issue 3, May 2013 Guest-edited by Keith M. Johnston

BAFTSS Fall 2012

Issue 2, November 2012

Film and Moving Image Studies Re-Born Digital?

Issue 1, July 2012 Guest-edited by Catherine Grant