Cultural Memories and National Ideologies: Exploring Political Myths Through Cinema

Issue 15, May 2019 Guest-edited by Philip Mann

Letter from the Guest Editor

Colourisation and the Archive: Repurposing World War One

Challenging the Hungarian Myth of the West: √úvegtigris/Glass Tiger and the Smokescreen of Neoliberal Capitalism.

Self-portrait of the Wrong-Eyed Jesus: The Mythical South Looking through the Mirror

Dramaturgies of the Negative. How Film Deals with Disconcerting Political History

Capturing Backstage. Representations of Democracy in Hollywood cinema

The Hunting Ground: A Tour de Force Marred by a Dangerous Myth

New Political Cinema, Asia, and Beyond: TEN YEARS

Interview with the producers of the TEN YEARS series: conducted, recorded, edited and subtitled by Leiya Lee

Video Essay: Clarence Tsui on Ten Years

Video Essay: Andrew Choi on Ten Years

Video Essay: Kwai-Cheung Lo on Ten Years

Video Essay: Vivian Lee on Ten Years

Video Essay: Felix Tsang on Ten Years

Video Essay: Laikwan Pang on Ten Years

Quietly Critical: Ten Years Japan

A Future Without China? Livelihood Issues in Ten Years Taiwan

Ten Years: An Unexpected Watershed of Twenty-first-century Hong Kong Film Industry

Ten Years Thailand: The Future Becoming

Ten Years: Bibliography and Filmography

Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema: Cyborgs, Troopers and Other Men of the Future

Reviewed by Cassice Last

Shakespearean Star: Laurence Olivier and National Cinema

Reviewed by Ana Maria Sapountzi

Space in Romanian and Hungarian Cinema

Reviewed by Phil Mann

Contemporary Cinema and Neoliberal Ideology

Reviewed by Ian Fraser