Queering the quotidian: Queer phenomenological approaches to ‘lowbrow’ entertainment

Issue 20, Winter 2022

Letter from the editors

(Guilty) Viewing Pleasures and Reality TV: Queer Viewers Decoding the Greek Version of The Bachelor

Besideness: distance and proximity as queer disorientations to inhabit projective moving image installations

Emotional Registers of Queer Representation: Gothic Expression in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Vivienne Medrano’s “Addict”

Queer Temporalities: Boredom and Bodily Intelligence in Early Italian Slapstick Comedies

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK: The Boundary Blurring Work of Lynn Hershman Leeson

“I’m gonna study everything!” Bisexual Orientations in Dana Terrace’s The Owl House

“Nomi Malone is what Las Vegas is all about!”: Phallic women in Showgirls

The Spanish lesbian collective LSD: A closer look to their video-essay Retroalimentación (1998)

Butch Orientations: Locating Queerness in Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

The Queer Monster: Putting Séance and Bit in Conversation

Filming History from Below: Microhistorical Documentaries

Reviewed by Stuart A. Neave

A Long, Long Way: Hollywood’s Unfinished Journey from Racism to Reconciliation

Reviewed by Clement Obropta

A Functionalist Cinema: “Twilight of Film” by Raoul Hausmann

For Posterity’s Sake: Emil Jannings’ Autobiographical (Self-)Denazification

‘Text-Praxis’ and Modes of Production: Harun Farocki’s Collected Writing Between 1964 and 2000