Sensing the Archive: Exploring The Digital (Im)materiality of the Moving Image Archive

Issue 19, Spring 2022, Guest-Edited by Catherine Russell

Letter from the Editors

Introduction to the Issue: Sensing the Archive

Resisting extractive uses of the archive in Colombian experimental non-fiction

Remediating the Archive: Sabrina Gschwandtner’s Film Quilts as Forms of Material Knowledge

Historical Trauma, Queer Sex, and Physical Touch in Barbara Hammer’s Nitrate Kisses

Haunted Archives: Presence and Absence in the Audio-visual Record of Conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Diasporic Archives and Hauntological Accretions

Whatever Happened to Home Movies? Self-representation from Family Archives to Online Algorithms

Images Big and Soft: The Digital Archive Rendered Cinematic

Translating Interfaces in the Ms. Magazine Archive

Recycling Destroyed Cities: Ruined Archives in Copy Art

Anarchiving the New York Avant-Garde: The Phantom of Barbara Rubin’s Christmas on Earth

Awakening the film censors’ archive in [CENSORED] (2018)

Double Vision: Encountering Early Ethnographic Films in the Digital Archive

Borrowed Dreams: Joseph Cornell and the Archive as Psychic Imprint

Uploading the Archive, Copy/Pasting the “Classical”

Filmographies as Archives: On Richard Dyer’s List-Making in Gays and Film

A Preface with Promise: Revisiting Film Curatorship: Archives, Museums, and the Digital Marketplace

Absence in Cinema: The Art of Showing Nothing

Reviewed by Jacob Browne

Reuse, Misuse, Abuse: The Ethics of Audiovisual Appropriation in the Digital Era

Reviewed by Lucia Szemetová

Paris in the Dark: Going to the Movies in the City of Light, 1930-1950

Reviewed by Wesley Kirkpatrick